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Chapter 47. The Grocery Store as Mine Field, Avoiding the Dangers.

Minefield Fast Food in Hospitals Jeffrey Dach MD

Chapter 47. 

The Grocery Store as Mine Field, Avoiding the Dangers. Is Your Supermarket a Minefield?

Recently, I went shopping with my 11 year old nephew, and was shocked and unprepared for the experience.  Like other kids his age, he preferred diet sodas containing aspartame and Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO).  He also preferred processed foods high in MSG (mono sodium glutamate). I found myself protesting his choices, explaining the dangers of food additives, and removing these items from the shopping cart as fast I could.  These food additives are harmful to health, and represent a minefield at the Supermarket waiting for the unsuspecting consumer.

Left Image: A U.S. Navy diver attaches charge to a training mine, during exercises, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Aspartame's Dubious Honor - Diet Sodas are a Mine Field

Since the 1981 approval as a food additive, aspartame has the dubious honor of the most complaints reported to the FDA's Adverse Reaction Monitoring System, accounting for 75 per cent of all complaints.(9)   Aspartame is a chemical sweetener in diet sodas such as Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi with names such as Nutrasweet™, Equal™, etc.  Little packets of aspartame are placed on the tables at restaurants for use as a coffee sweetener instead of sugar.  The aspartame industry has sponsored 74 aspartame safety studies, all showing aspartame consumption is safe.  When studies are done privately, with no connection to the aspartame industry or the FDA, 89 of 90 aspartame safety studies identified problems with aspartame use.(1) A disturbing 2007 study by Soffritti at the Ramazzini Institute in Italy showed aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen.(2) 

Avoiding the Aspartame Mine Field

Many people drink diet sodas with the mistaken belief that diet sodas will help them lose weight.  A recent study shows this is a fallacy, finding a 41% increased risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink consumed daily.(8)  The sweetener aspartame activates receptors in the brain to expect sugar (glucose), when none is forthcoming, the aspartame user merely increases junk food and sugar intake.


MSG, Monosodium Glutamate, and Aspartame are neurotoxins.


MSG - Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

Forty years ago, my earliest experience with MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) during medical school was a headache after eating at a Chinese restaurant.  The MSG causes the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.(3) Since my old medical school days, MSG has been added to thousands of products at the supermarket, and virtually all forms of fast food.  Much of this MSG is hidden and does not appear on the label.

MSG  and the Obesity Epidemic

MSG stands for mono sodium glutamate, and Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain.  Upregulation (stimulation) of the Glutamate pathway leads to neuron cell damage and cell death. MSG is associated with lesions in the hypothalamus (11), directly causes obesity (4), and a host of somatic and neurological symptoms.  Laboratory mice studies show that MSG is a direct cause of obesity.  Is our obesity epidemic caused by increased MSG consumption in the population? 

Hidden Sources of MSG - It's Not On the Label.

Virtually all Fast Foods contain large amounts of  MSG, and many processed foods now contain MSG.  In other words, the processed food contains MSG in some form, yet the name MSG does not appear on the label. 

Aspartame and MSG - Fibromyalgia Double Whammy

Both Aspartame and MSG are excitatory neurotoxins.(6)  When aspartame and MSG are consumed together, as commonly found with fast food and diet sodas in the same meal, there can be a double whammy effect.  A 2001 report describes four patients with fibromyalgia syndrome unresponsive to medical treatment.(7)  These four patients noted complete resolution of chronic pain upon removing aspartame and MSG from the diet.(7)  In addition, a lengthy list of medical and neurological symptoms are associated with MSG and aspartame.  One syndrome includes slurred speech which looks like a TIA (transient ischemic attack).  This usually resolves after elimination of MSG and aspartame from the diet.  A 1981 study by Dhindsa showed that MSG administered to lab rats caused marked hypothyroidism with striking histology changes in the thyroid gland.(10)  A study presented at the 2011 American Stroke Association Conference showed daily diet soda consumption had a 61 percent higher risk of stroke.(57)

BVO- Brominated Vegetable Oil

Bromine (BVO) is a toxic substance added to sodas such as Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Powerade, Pineapple and Orange Fanta, Sun Drop, Squirt and Fresca.  Bromine directly competes with Iodine in the body causing thyroid problems and Iodine deficiency states.  BVO has been banned in India.

What About the FDA ?

The FDA is an agency of our government, and like all other agencies, is infiltrated and corrupted by corporate lobbyists.  Rather than an agency for the people, the FDA is an agency of the large corporations that manufacture food additives. The safety studies are manipulated to get FDA approval. And that's why the FDA cannot protect the American public from harmful food additives at our supermarket.

In Conclusion- Avoid the Minefield at the Supermarket

We have merely scratched the surface of harmful food additives to avoid at the Supermarket, concentrating on the excitatory neurotoxins Aspartame and MSG. There are other minefields at the grocery store to be avoided such as chemicalized food additives, flavorings, coloring, and trans-fats.  Genetically Modified Food (GMO) should be avoided as hazardous to health.

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Author: Jeffrey Dach MD

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