Bioidentical Hormones 101 
The Book, by Jeffrey Dach MD

About the Author Jeffrey Dach MD Bioidentical Hormones 101 The Book

The author, Jeffrey Dach, M.D.  is Board Certified in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and has 25 years experience serving the Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Florida, with Radiology Associates of Hollywood. 

Dr. Jeffrey  Dach was originally trained in clinical medicine.  As a young physician just out of internship, Dr Dach worked as an Emergency Room Physician at Riverside Hospital in Kankakee,  Illinois. He then worked 25 years as a hospital based physican as a Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist in Hollywood Florida. 

After a prestigious career, he retired from radiology practice in 2004, and returned to clinical medicine starting a new clinic specializing in Bioidentical Hormones, and natural thyroid for the low thyroid condition. 

Dr. Dach also prescribes low dose naltrexone (LDN) for a variety of inflammatory and auto-immune conditions. 

Dr Dach practices Natural Medicine and Functional Medicine specializing in Bioidentical Hormones, Natural Thyroid and a variety of other complicated medical problems which are ignored or poorly treated by mainstream medicine.
See this web page, Dr Dach's CV, for more information about Dr. Dach's training and background. 

You can also view a video of Dr Dach talking about bioidentical hormones and natural medicine posted on You-Tube.

Read Dr Dach's Free E-Book, Natural Medicine 101, also available on Amazon.
Jeffrey Dach MD published his first book Natural Medicine 101 in 2008, which  is available on Amazon

This book explores the doctor's doctor's transition from hospital based medicine (as an interventional radiologist), and from there, back to  clinical medicine with an emphasis on natural substances rather than synthetic chemically altered compounds.( ie natural medicine)..

This web site contains the free e-book for Bioidentical Hormones 101,  a sequel to the earlier book, containing new and more advanced material, reflecting the doctor's journey further into the realm of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Dach continues to write new material monthly on his  Blog.  Sign up for the free newsletter  for updates.
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