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Chapter 48. Genetically Modified GMO Food, the Great Scandal

Chapter 48. Genetically Modified GMO Food, the Great Scandal 

Genetically Modified GMO Food, the Great Scandal, Jeffrey Dach MD  Jeffrey Smith writes about the dangers of Genetically Modified Food in his book,”Seeds of  Deception”. (18)  This information about the health threat of genetically modified food may be new to you, since there has been a cover up with media censorship, and the suppression of key research scientists.  Jeff Smith's book compiles 20 years of data on the health risks of genetically modified foods.  This data includes studies in which GMO food is fed to laboratory animals resulting in thousands of sick, sterile and dead laboratory animals.  Also included is data on human allergic reactions and toxicity from GMO foods.  While American consumers remain oblivious, genetic modification has already spread to 70% of the supermarket food supply, mostly affecting corn, soy, cotton seed oil and canola oil.  In spite of these obvious problems, the FDA does not require labeling or safety testing of genetically modified food.  This is an outrage.(1-6)

Above Left Image: Bacteria froming rod-like shapes seen with SEM scanning electron microscope. GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms look like this, as well.  Courtesy of Janice Haney Carr at the CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control)

L-Tryptophan, the First Genetically Engineered Food Supplement

Tryptophan is an amino acid in our diet, and a nutritional supplement.  In 1984, a Japanese Company named Showa Denko manufactured Tryptophan the new GMO way, with genetically modified bacteria programmed to produce tryptophan.  The programmed bacteria were “tweaked” so much, they also produced foreign proteins that were totally new and unknown, a form of undetected product contamination.  These foreign proteins caused a new disease called EMS (Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome), leaving 37 people dead and thousands disabled.  (45)  On November 11, 1989 the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) issued a nationwide warning to discontinue sales of L-tryptophan after 30 potential cases of EMS had been identified in New Mexico. (46)  A lawsuit was eventually settled for 2 billion dollars which disclosed information that the company used bacterial strains 5, 4 and 3 which were genetically engineered causing the EMS disease outbreak between 1984 and 1989, caused by contaminants in the tryptophan product inherent to the technique of genetic modification.  Tryptophan was banned temporarily until Non-GMO Tryptophan could be made available.(19)

Arpad Pusztai and Genetically Modified Potatoes

In 1995, a Hungarian Scientist working in Scotland by the name of Arpad Pusztai and his 20 member team was given the job of testing GMO food.   Working in Scotland, the team created a potato that was genetically modified to produce a protein that was toxic to insects.  Thus giving the potato a built-in insecticide.  However, when lab rats were fed the genetically modified potatoes they developed health problems such as "proliferative hyperplastic growth of the rat small intestine leading to crypt enlargement".  In testimony to Scottish Parliament, Dr Pusztai says, "Rats fed GMO potatoes had interference in growth and development of some of their vital organs, had changes in gut structure and function and reduced immune responsiveness to injurious antigens.  In contrast, the animals fed on diets containing the parent, non-GMO-potatoes or these potatoes supplemented with the gene product had no such effects."

When Arpad Pusztai went public on television interviews with his data, he was promptly fired and silenced after a stellar 35 year career.  He was later vindicated, invited to speak before parliament, and published his study in Lancet, the most extensive animal feeding study on GMO foods.  His work was credited with the banning of GMO food in Europe. (11-15) (36-37)

Transform Your GI Tract into a Toxic Factory

One common form of genetic modification for food plants is intended to confer insect resistance.  This is commonly done by inserting a bacterial gene into the plant which codes for a protein toxic to insects, such as the Bt gene from the Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT).  In 2004, Dr. Trudy Netherwood of Newcastle University studied the fate of these ingested BT genes after human ingestion of the GMO food. (40)  However, before even starting the study, Dr. Netherwood found copies of the BT plant trans-genes already colonizing the gut bacteria of 3 of 7 human subjects.  Apparently, these three human subjects had already consumed food contaminated with GMO products, just like all the rest of us trusting consumers.

We all have a few pounds of bacteria in our GI tract, called “friendly bacteria”.  After a round of antibiotics which kills off this “friendly bacteria” in our colon, we are often advised to consume probiotic capsules containing friendly bacteria to replenish our supply.   Genes from the GMO food, such as the BT gene, are taken up by our “friendly bacteria”, which in turn produce the toxic proteins inside of us.  These proteins are not only the toxins and pesticides coded by the BT gene, but also unpredictable and unexpected proteins from the genetic manipulation.  Thus, consuming GMO food transforms our own GI tract into a toxic factory.  An even greater problem arises for genes coding for antibiotic resistance commonly spliced into plants during the GMO manufacturing process. These antibiotic resistance genes are then incorporated into our own gut bacteria.  Thus we have created a new race of super antibiotic resistant bacteria waiting for a chance to cause an antibiotic resistant infection.(40-42)

To make matters worse, not only is the new genetic code from GMO food incorporated into friendly gut bacteria, it is also incorporated into the epithelial cells of the GI tract, and the liver. Dr. Netherwood's work was confirmed in a 2006 study by Dr. Sharma in Alberta Canada who found that transgenic DNA from Roundup Ready Canola Meal could be found in the gut epithelial tissues of pigs eating the GMO meal.(41)

Golden Rice and Grains of Hope - Vitamin A Gene Spliced into Rice

“Grains of Hope” was the cover story for the July 2000 issue of Time Magazine, highlighting genetically modified rice containing a gene for Vitamin A.(24)  Back in the year 2000, I thought like everyone else this was a great thing.  Rice lacks vitamin A, and impoverished people of third world countries subsist on rice, many going blind from vitamin A deficiency.  On the surface, adding Vitamin A to rice would potentially prevent tens of thousands of cases of blindness.  This was not to be.  The Golden Rice was never approved for human consumption, and was labeled by critics as a hoax which caused birth defects and developmental anomalies.

Golden Rice Called a Hoax

“Phase II clinical trials on children have been conducted with unapproved experimental GM rice enhanced in pro-Vitamin A that has the potential to cause birth defects and developmental abnormalities…The ‘golden rice’ project was a useless application, a drain on public finance and a threat to health and biodiversity. It is being promoted in order to salvage a morally as well as financially bankrupt agricultural biotech industry, and is obstructing the essential shift to sustainable agriculture that can truly improve the health and nutrition especially of the poor in the Third World.  This project should be terminated immediately before further damage is done…The ‘golden rice’ possesses all the usual defects of first generation transgenic plants plus multiple copies of the CaMV promoter (Cauliflower Mosaic Virus) which we have strongly recommended withdrawing from use on the basis of scientific evidence indicating this promoter to be especially unsafe.  A growing number of scientists (318 scientists from 39 countries to-date) are calling for a global moratorium on the environmental releases of GMOs until and unless they can be shown to be safe.." quoted from  Mae-Wan Ho and Joe Cummins.(25-27)

Dr. Vandana Shiva calls Golden Rice a HOAX, which will not increase vitamin A consumption, and instead serves as a Trojan Horse for the corporate take-over of food production.  She says:

"while the complicated technology transfer package of "Golden Rice" will not solve vitamin A problems in India, it is a very effective strategy for corporate takeover of rice production, using the public sector as a Trojan horse." (38) (38A)

Genetic Pollution and Contamination of the Environment

Genetic engineering creates “genetic pollution”, an uncontrolled spread of altered genetic information throughout the environment.  Once released, genetic pollution cannot be recalled and is irreversible.  The genetic contamination amplifies throughout the environment and soon becomes dominant.  This is another disturbing aspect of genetic engineering.  Unlike chemical pollution which does not replicate and gradually degrades in the environment, the genetic pollution replicates and amplifies throughout the plant and animal kingdom, creating far-reaching unpredictable consequences on the genetic diversity, and the number of species and varieties of organisms. We must stop genetic pollution of the planet.

Warning: Avoid GMO Food

GMO food should be avoided, as it is a health risk and causes genetic pollution of the environment.

Monsanto and Piracy by Science

Piracy by Monsanto, Genetically Modified GMO Food, the Great Scandal

By far, the largest player in the GMO game is a corporation called Monsanto.  One of their GMO products is “Round-Up Ready” Soybeans. These are genetically modified soybeans which can tolerate large amounts of the herbicide Round-Up (also sold by Monsanto).  Monsanto, with its long history of falsifying scientific studies, simply cannot be trusted.  Monsanto’s GMO manipulation of our food supply is a threat to our environment and the planet’s bio-diversity.  In addition, by owning patents on GMO foods, and seed, corporations like Monsanto could eventually own and control the global food supply, and with it, all life on the planet. Clearly, this is a misuse and abuse of science, and represents piracy of the highest order.

Left Image:  Pirate Flag of Jack Rackam, courtesy of Wikimedia commons

Many Countries Have Banned GMO Food

This information is changing daily.  It is recommended that you do your own internet search to obtain information on which countries currently allow GMO, and which countries are banning GMO.  Mexico rejected GMO corn on October 2006. The following countries have banned or restricted the import, distribution, sale, field trials and planting of GMO’s:  Algeria, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, The European Union, Norway, Austria, Germany United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu,  New Zealand.  In North America, Genetically Modified foods are in widespread use throughout the U.S.  Maryland has banned GMO fish, and North Dakota and Montana have filed bans on GE wheat. The Municipalities of Burlington, Vermont declared a moratorium on GE food. Boulder, Colorado has banned GE crops, and the City and County of San Francisco urged the federal government to ban GE food.

Medical Associations Asked For Moratorium On GMO Food

In 2002, the British Medical Association asked for a Moratorium on GMO Food,  and on May 8, 2009, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine statement asked for a moratorium on GMO food,  independent safety testing and labeling of GM foods,  and urged the public to avoid GMO food.

We Need a Moratorium on GMO Food

Even though genetic modification of food is inherently unsafe, FDA regulations require no safety testing or labeling.  In many animal feeding studies, consuming GMO food renders the animals diseased, sterile or dead.  GMO feeding studies with human subjects reveal diseases such as EMS (Eosinophilia Myalgia), as well as allergic and toxic reactions to the ingested genetically modified foods. (45-46)  Current biotech methods are crude and create totally new and unexpected genes and proteins which serve as toxins, allergens and cause diseases in humans and animals.  The animal and human studies which show harmful effects of GMO foods have been suppressed, and the scientists fired and persecuted, such as the case of Arpad Pusztai.(36-37)

Mandatory Labeling of GMO Foods

Already 70% of food in stores is bioengineered, but not labeled as such.  Labeling of genetically modified food (currently NOT DONE) should be mandated.  Consumers have the right to know and need to know which products contain genetically modified foods. 

GMO Modification Creates A New Drug

Genetic engineering of plants used as human food, in fact, creates a new drug.  Genetically modified plants, grains, foods are not substantially equivalent to anything and are in fact new drugs, and as such, require the same scrutiny as any other new drug.  FDA procedures already in place mandate process called an IND application, which is an application for an (IND) Investigational New Drug.  This involves extensive animal and human safety studies.  Any genetically modified food should be regulated by the FDA as a new drug.

Supreme Court Ruling Should be Overturned

It was a gross error for the Supreme Court to grant a patent for a living organism in 1980 (Diamond vs. Chakrabarty) for oil eating bacteria, which was then extended to all plant and animal life. (47)  This ruling needs to be re-examined and overturned.  This 1980 Supreme Court Decision (Diamond vs. Chakrabarty) is a misinterpretation of the patent laws passed by Congress.  Therefore it is imperative that Congress clarify the patent laws by performing a review of previous patent legislation such as the 1930 Plant Patent Act and 1970 Plant Variety Protection Act.  Congress must then pass patent law revisions and/or new patent laws which mandates that living organisms cannot be patented.

GMO Manufacturers Must be Held Liable for Genetic Pollution of the Environment

Similar to the way chemical companies are held accountable and liable for chemical pollution of the environment, manufacturers of genetically modified plants and animals must be held accountable and liable for genetic pollution of the environment. Genetic pollution from GMO causes far reaching irreversible damage to the environment, as well as economic loss for farmers.  The environmental protection agency and the civil courts must play a role here. 

Civil Litigation for GMO Food

On August 2004, Aventis settled a class-action lawsuit and paid farmers 110 million dollars for genetic contamination of farmer’s fields with the Aventis Starlink™ Corn. A separate settlement paid 9 million dollars to consumers who had health problems from consuming the genetically modified Starlink corn.   The courts considered the GMO Starlink™ Corn a "public nuisance", and this ruling was enough to cause Aventis to abandon its next GMO product, the Liberty Link™ Soybean.  I predict that class action liability litigation against GMO Foods will increase, and become the next great bonanza for lawyers.

Federal Court Strikes Down USDA Approval for GMO Food as Illegal

Federal Court rules in three cases that GMO foods were illegally approved by USDA, violating the endangered species act and environmental policy act.  Past approvals were ruled illegal.

1) In Hawaii, a federal district judge in Hawaii ruled in August 2006 that the USDA violated the Endangered Species Act as well as the National Environmental Policy Act in allowing drug-producing GM crops to be cultivated throughout Hawaii, without even an impact study.  The USDA illegally approved GMO release into the wild without an environmental impact study on effect of horizontal gene transfer on endangered plant species.

2) February 2007, federal judge Harold Kennedy ruled that the USDA must halt approval of all new field trials until more rigorous environmental reviews are conducted. USDA's past GMO approvals was ruled illegal.

3) Feb 2007, a Federal Court ruled that Monsanto's Roundup Ready alfalfa had been approved for commercial release illegally, because there had been no Environment Impact Statement.

Using Science for Piracy and Robbery:

Patents for Living Organisms Based on Erroneous Supreme Court Ruling

A patent means that the patent holder has ownership rights and the right to collect royalties.  Patents on living organisms were illegal until 1980 when an unprecedented US Supreme Court decision (Diamond vs. Chakrabarty) allowed a patent for genetically modified bacteria used for “eating” oil spills. (47)  Lawyers and judges are not trained in science and have limited understanding, so it is not surprising that this Supreme Court ruling was a mistake and a result failure to understand the science.  This unprecedented ruling is a disaster and should be overturned as soon as possible.  Perhaps a better approach would be for Congress to pass new patent laws which clearly state unequivocally and with no exceptions, that living organisms cannot be patented. 

GMO Patents Revoke Our Inalienable Right to Life

The signers of the Declaration of Independence deemed it a "self evident truth" that all men are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights".  (48)  These rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and these rights cannot be taken away, violated, or transferred. They are the most fundamental set of human rights, as the basic necessity of our human survival.  Food is life, so therefore, included in these inalienable rights is the right to sustain life by planting and harvesting crops for food.  In order to fully exercise these inalienable rights, and as a basic necessity for survival, the individual has the inalienable right to the free and open use of the natural plant and animal world, also known as farming.  GMO Patents which grant corporate ownership of seed stock and living organisms revokes these inalienable human rights to life, and grants ownership to Monsanto.  This is unethical, immoral and expressly prohibited by our Constitution.  This ruling must be overturned.   There can be no patent for Life because Life is not an invention of man; Life is an invention of the Creator given to man as an inalienable Right.

Do Not Buy GMO Foods, Consumer Sentiment Will Result in a Ban

As more and more people learn about the dangers posed by GMO food, the consumer avoidance pressures the food industry which then stops buying and stocking GMO products.  Consumer avoidance has forced Gerber's Baby Food to remove GMO from their baby food products.  Consumer avoidance in Europe forced most of Europe to ban GMO foods.  In order to avoid buying GMO food, buy and consume Organic Food which is non-GMO.  Avoid Soy, Corn, Cotton Seed and Canola products which are all GMO.

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