Bioidentical Hormones 101 
The Book, by Jeffrey Dach MD

Bioidentical Hormones 101 Table of Contents

Bioidentical Hormones 101 by Jeffrey Dach MD
Bioidentical Hormones 101

by Jeffrey Dach M.D.

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Table of Contents:

Section One:  More Medicine is Not Necessary Better Medicine

Chapter 1.  Less is More, Mainstream Goes Alternative

Section Two:  Low Thyroid Disorders and Thyroid Nodules

Chapter 2. The Unreliable TSH Lab Test

Chapter 3. Why Natural Thyroid is Better than Synthetic

Chapter 4. Why Natural Thyroid is Better than Synthetic, Part Two

Chapter 5. The Thyroid Nodule Epidemic

Chapter 6. Hunt Study Shows Thyroid Prevents Heart Attacks

Section Three:  Adrenal Fatigue the Ignored Epidemic of Modern Civilization

Chapter 7. Adrenal Fatigue, the Ignored Epidemic of Modern Civilization

Section Four.  Bioidentical Hormones

Chapter 8.  Abandoning the Synthetic Hormone Ship

Chapter 9. The Importance of BioIdentical Hormones

Chapter 10. The Safety of Bioidentical Hormones

Chapter 11. Bioidentical Hormones and Medical GhostWriting

Chapter 12. Bioidentical Hormones Found Beneficial After Hysterectomy

Chapter 13. BioIdentical Hormones Relieve Anxiety

Chapter 14. Menopausal Arthritis and Bioidentical Hormones

Chapter 15. Testosterone Relieves Dry Eye Syndrome

Chapter 16. Newsweek Attacks Oprah and BioIdentical Hormones

Chapter 17. BioIdentical Hormones Trashed by AP News

Chapter 18. Bioidentical Hormones According to the LA Times 

Chapter 19. Ten Bioidentical Hormone Fallacies

Chapter 20.   Synthetic Hormones, Pfizer-Wyeth Lose Big Court Case

Section Five.  Screening Mammography and Breast Cancer Prevention

Chapter 21. Rethink Pink October Breast Cancer Mammogram

Chapter 22. Mammogram Guideline Reversal

Chapter 23. Iodine Treats Breast Cancer, Overwhelming Evidence

Section Six.   Low Testosterone Diagnosis and Treatment

Chapter 24. Low Testosterone Could Be Killing You

Chapter 25. Low Testosterone From Pain Pills

Chapter 26. Testosterone Found to Cause Heart Attacks ?

Section Seven. Testosterone and PSA Testing 

Chapter 27. Testosterone, PSA and Prostate Cancer Part One

Chapter 28. PSA and Testosterone, Part Two

Chapter 29. PSA Screening for Cancer, the Failed Medical Experiment

Section Eight. Selenium, Why We Need It

Chapter 30. Selenium, From Toxin to Essential Mineral, Part One

Chapter 31. Selenium, Part Two, The Case for Selenium

Chapter 32. Selenium Part Three - Mega-Dose Vitamin Therapy in the ICU

Chapter 33. Selenium for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Section Nine. Your Drug May Be Your Problem, Are Your Taking a “ Bad Drug”?

Chapter 34. Fosamax Induced Femur Fractures

Chapter 35. Fosamax for Pre-Osteoporosis, a Bad Idea

Chapter 36. Heartburn and Acid Blockers by Jeffrey Dach

Chapter 37. SSRI Antidepressants No Better Than Placebo Says JAMA

Chapter 38. Getting Off Statin Drug Stories

Section Ten.  Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

Chapter 39. Heart Disease, Ascorbate, Lysine and Linus Pauling

Chapter 40. Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drugs for Women, Just Say No

Chapter 41. A Choirboy for Cholesterol Turns Disbeliever

Section Eleven. Vitamin Therapies, B5, B6 and Vitamin E  and Wheatgrass

Chapter 42. Pantothenic Acid, B5 for Acne

Chapter 43. Vitamin E, Curse or Blessing?

Chapter 44. Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine for Trigger Finger and Carpal Tunnel

Chapter 45. Wheatgrass, the Path to Health

Section Twelve.  Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Chapter 46. Selling Sickness in the Lobby, Fast Food in Hospitals

Chapter 47. The Grocery Store as Mine Field, Avoiding the Dangers

Chapter 48. Genetically Modified GMO Food, the Great Scandal

Chapter 49. Gluten Sensitivity, Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Section Thirteen. The Mind Body Connection and Spirituality

Chapter 50. Signature In A Cell, Aging, Disease and Death

Chapter 51. Finding God in Mr. Foley's I.V.

Section Fourteen. The Future of Medicine

Chapter 52. Cannabinoids, Miracle Drug of the 21st Century

Chapter 53. The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer, John Beard, and Otto Warburg

Chapter 54. Anti-Aging With Bioidentical Hormones

Chapter 55. Low Dose Naltrexone LDN

Chapter 56. Predicting the Future of Medicine

Section Fifteen - Additional Articles

Chapter 57. Articles (written after book publication)

Appendix A. Illustrations

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